"Before my reading with Julie I was nervous and could tell I was resisting something. Once we got into the session and she opened the records it was an absolutely beautiful experience.  I would absolutely recommend Julie to family and friends.  She truly holds space in a unique way and I felt so comfortable throughout the whole session as well as trusting her completely. I will be doing more sessions in the future!"   ~Brooke C., Michigan

"I would absolutely recommend a reading to my family and friends, ESPECIALLY if they are looking for life answers. Why? Because we, as individuals, have all the answers, sometimes we just can't see them or feel them and this is a way of asking the questions and getting the answers we knew we had all a long and just needed to hear."  ~Diana J., Washington

"I had my reading with Julie today and it was amazing. I have been spinning and the reading helped me nail down my path and purpose.) I have never had any type of reading before and did not know what to expect but Julie is amazingly easy to talk to. You are able to discuss things with her as they come through and it helps to form the next questions to ask."   ~Erin K., Maryland

"You radiate so much grounded energy and power!!! I highly recommend your Akashic readings!! Had so much clarity in our session. You are incredible."   ~Michelle W., Washington 



"I have healed some childhood wounds by going back to a fight I witnessed my parents having.  With the inner child work we have done, I understand that when I speak up bad things don’t have to happen. I have seen how I try to avoid conflict at all costs.  I turtle when my 6 year old is angry. I do the same thing when her father gets angry and it all goes back to that fight.

I understand the difference between being desired and cherished.  I have worked through conditioning of what a relationship has to look like and the roles that women feel they have to play."  ~Marcy G, Manitoba, Canada

"I was carrying so much shame around subconsciously and it was controlling my life, I could never quite put my finger on it until Julie helped me shine the light on the places I never had the courage to before. She helped me to realize that shame has been a form of my self-regulation for as long as I can remember, and then gave me simple, effective tools to address each one of my own inner barriers. My inner happiness is no longer dependent on my outside circumstances and that is absolutely huge for me! I’m so grateful I crossed paths with Julie. A huge part of me has simply been set free."  ~Lauren S., Colorado


"There are many massage therapists who are highly skilled in their profession.  Very rarely, will you find a professional like Julie who is gifted and brings to her craft the ability to attend to and see all of you body, mind, heart and soul.  Her massages always expertly address my physical needs and always work at much deeper levels.  Release is magical, balance restored, I feel all of me vital, healthy and beloved.  Thank you, Julie!  You rock!!"  ~Cheryl M.

"Julie is a fantastic massage therapist. Her sessions are always calm and relaxing and she takes extra time to make sure the problem areas are addressed. I always leave her massages feeling great! She’s also extremely easy to schedule with and is very accommodating."  ~Jeremiah C. 

"I know Julie in three capacities: my former Pilates Instructor; my current Massage Therapist; and my friend.  Her knowledge of body movement through teaching yoga and Pilates coupled with her experience as a Licensed Massage Therapist gives her a unique perspective.  All coupled with her holistic interest in mind, body and spirit, translates into therapeutic massage experience that is uncommon.  My weekly massage is a integral part of my total body maintenance program which includes widely varied exercise. This is especially critical to me, as I have Parkinson's.  I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a talented therapist producing outstanding results."  ~Victor C. 

"I connected with Julie through a local yoga studio nearly four years ago. Her massages go far beyond a moment of relaxation (although I appreciate that, too!). Julie provides supportive healing in a kind and nurturing way that renews my energy and leaves me feeling great about the world. I highly recommend her!"  ~Kathy S.